A documentary series about the only country in

the World with thirteen cities declared

World Heritage Sites by UNESCO




In a 13-episode series entitled "The 13 Wonders of Spain", UNIVERSAL VIEWS Productions, Inc. captures the beauty of  the 13 cities of Spain  selected by UNESCO’s World Heritage Program as a legacy from the past, but still very much present in our lives today. With a 30 minute duration and filmed in HD, each episode takes the viewers to a journey through the history of mankind... 

Spain is one of the most exciting places in the world. It has beautiful and magical landscapes. Its food and music are as varied and colorful as the many cultures that make up the Spanish mosaic. Its cities reflect the epic sweep of the country’s history and the different peoples that have lived, struggled and melded together over the centuries.


The charismatic and charming host Stephen Hughes will guide us over thirteen episodes, exploring the history, architecture, art, food, music, and culture of Spain’s great World Heritage Cities.  We’ll visit castles and cathedrals, synagogues and mosques, Roman amphitheaters and Neoclassical plazas… We’ll taste everything from tapas to paella, not to mention the country’s exquisite wines and cheeses… and we’ll hear music ranging from the flamenco guitar to the double-reeded “dulzaina”.  







It's a great opportunity to know a little bit more about Spain and the monumental and historical wonders of each of these unique cities and the astonishing landscapes, while learning about the great hotels where you can stay, such as the luxurious Paradores, and enjoying the healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, not forgetting all the amenities and night life than travelers can enjoy while vacationing.  

Produced for Public Television stations, The 13 Wonders of Spain is looking not only to amaze the audience with Spain’s rich history and culture, but to motivate the viewers to travel and experience its wonders personally.







This is a wonderful journey to one of the worlds’ most magnificent destinations: 

Spain, as we’ve never experienced it before.  

Travel with us to The 13 Wonders of Spain...






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 International Media

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Produced by NATALIA CURTO / Written and Directed by JORGE A. BORDA




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