“Life is full of big questions... how do I find happiness... how do I discover my true purpose?” 

- Michael Bernard Beckwith






Program Description: The Answer is YOU is a celebration of life that leaves its audience uplifted and inspired.  This pledge special comes as a 60 minute core version and a 90 minute pledge event version.


Before a live audience, world renowned author and philosopher Michael Bernard Beckwith delivers transformational life strategies for manifesting within us the unlimited power of our own human potential.  



Beckwith is joined by his wife, Rickie Byars Beckwith, who performs short musical interludes to accent Beckwith’s teaching. The lecture is highlighted with music by Will.I.Am singing his #1 hit “It’s a New Day,” singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett performing her Michael Jackson classic, “Man In The Mirror,” recording artist Niki Haris and the inspirational Agape International Choir.


Distribution/Release: MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH THE ANSWER IS YOU, is available as a December 2009 Pledge Special through PBS. 


Premiums: A National Lecture Tour featuring Michael Bernard Beckwith with Rickie Byars Beckwith will follow, with free tickets and Meet-and-Greets provided to stations where available.  In addition, premiums include MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH THE ANSWER IS YOU hardcover companion Book, DVD of the program with 70 minutes of bonus footage, an Audio CD of Beckwith’s lecture, a Music CD featuring the live show performances plus additional songs by the Agape International Choir and solo artists, and, in the bonus package, Beckwith’s hardcover book SPIRITUAL LIBERATION and his LIFE VISIONING KIT which includes a workbook, double CD and teaching cards. 


Background: Michael Bernard Beckwith is recognized as “the voice of positive change” and one of the most dynamic thought leaders and compelling speakers of our time.  He is a bestselling author, songwriter, founder of The Agape International Spiritual Center and a featured speaker in the book and film, THE SECRET.  He has been a popular guest on shows such as Oprah, CBS Eye to Eye and Larry King Live and he was also featured in the films Pass It On and Living Luminaries. His vibrant message of spiritual and emotional empowerment transcends any religious or non-religious label.




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