Live At Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

- The Original Celtic Music Artist - 


"They are widely regarded as the band that, for the first time, 

put Irish traditional music on the world stage,

and paved the way for many other Irish artists".




In a career spanning four decades, Clannad have made music that entwines the traditional and the modern, the past and the future, with stunningly beautiful results. With their haunting songs, mesmerizing vocals, and captivating sound the group has sold over fifteen million records worldwide.  Clannad has also won many prestigious awards over the years, including Billboard’s “World Song of the Year” in 1992, a Grammy for “Best New Age Album” in 1999, and they have also been the recipients of not one, but two “Lifetime Achievement Awards” at home in Ireland. 


The acclaimed Irish group consists of siblings Moya, Ciaran and Pol Brennan along with their twin uncles Noel and Padraig Duggan. In weaving their unique and timeless sound, Clannad drew from the various strands of music which surrounded them as they grew up in the remote northwest coast of Ireland. During the '70s, they recorded six traditional albums, each of which helped to shape and refine the band's now unmistakable sound. Their young sister Enya Brennan joined the band on keyboards for two of those albums before leaving to pursue her own highly successful solo career.


Their first big break came in the early eighties in Europe when their ‘Theme from Harry’s Game’ became a chart hit. This same song brought them success in America years later when it was used by Volkswagen in a major advertising campaign. They also created the music for the highly popular television series ‘Robin Of Sherwood’, the music of which formed their album ‘Legend.’  From their album ‘Macalla’ came the hit song ‘In A Lifetime’ featuring a duet with U2’s Bono.


Through the nineties their popularity in the US grew as they released four albums, Anam, Banba, Lore and Landmarks. Their music was also featured in movies such as ‘Last of The Mohicans’ and ‘Patriot Games’. After three previous nominations they were finally rewarded with a Grammy for the Landmarks album. For this close-knit group, their musical journey is both remarkable in its personal accomplishment and historic in its contributions to Irish culture.




It is indeed fascinating to consider that what today is so widely regarded as Celtic music was first called "Clannad music." 


There is perhaps no greater testament to the impact of this groundbreaking group than that. It all begins with Clannad.







"Clannad bridged the gap between traditional Celtic music and pop".

- iTunes






“Newgrange”-- This song from their Magical Ring album is about the ancient temple in Ireland which is older than the pyramids and Stonehenge. A mystical and spiritual place, the subject matter sits perfectly with Clannad and was a defining moment in their Celtic sound. The song was covered by Celtic Woman and is regularly performed in their live shows.


“Robin” (Medley)-- In 1984, Clannad were asked to contribute some music to a British TV series called ‘Robin of Sherwood.’  They ended up composing and performing the entire score for the entirety of the show which ran for three seasons. Clannad’s sound became synonymous with the show, which is still popular in reruns shown throughout the World today. The band won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Original Television Music’ for their work on the show.


“I Will Find You”-- Also known as the 'Love Theme from The Last of The Mohicans,' the song provided the backdrop to one of the most poignant and dramatic scenes in the movie.  It also led a whole new audience to discovering Clannad. 


“In A Lifetime”-- The original of this song form the album ‘Macalla,’ was a duet with Bono, and was the first collaboration he did outside of U2. On the version shown, the band is joined by Irish singer Brian Kennedy, who is one of very few singers that could take on the part that many consider to be the finest vocal performance Bono ever recorded.


“Theme from Harry's Game”-- This timeless track was first released in 1982.  Originally written for a UK TV series theme, the song when released became a huge hit in Europe and also the only time a Gaelic language song was a top ten hit in the UK.  The song was used by U2 as their intro music on several of their tours and also featured in the film ‘Patriot Games.’  In 1990, Volkswagen used the song in their American television advertising campaign.  After local dealers were inundated with calls not about the cars, but about the music from the commercial, the company had to add a text overlay to the advertisements stating 'You are listening to Clannad'. 





DVD of the concert special featuring bonus footage. 


New live CD recorded at the Christchurch concert - the first new music album by Clannad since 1998.


• Tickets and Meet & Greets for Clannad’s 2012 US concerts available in select markets.


• Members of Clannad will be available for pre-taping in support of pledge and studio appearances can be arranged in select markets.




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