“These films are some of the best religious TV 

we have seen in a long time” 

-Church Times

Regardless of one's religious background or orientation, Jesus towers as a figure of paramount importance in human history. From International Media comes a compelling, thought-provoking documentary produced for the BBC that examines the life of Jesus and places him in an historical context, offering new archeological and social insights from world-renowned scholars. 


The BBC's David Suchet 

narrates this fascinating documentary 

which will premiere in December of 2011, 

just in time for the holidays.





“Fresh examination of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life” 

-The Times





Follow leading expertsarchaeologists, theologians and historians 

-from such universities as Oxford,Cambridge, Yale and Princeton,

as they journey through the Holy Land.


Rt Revd Tom Wright

Prof Obery Hendricks Jr

Dr Helen Bond

Fr Jerry Murphy O'Connor

Dr Andrew Skinner

Dr Ben Witherington

Dr Joan Taylor

Dr Greg Carey

Prof James Strange

Dr Simon Gathercole

...and many others!




The 90 minute and 60 minute pledge event versions of this 3 part series will offer public television members 

the opportunity to pledge their support for the stations that brought them acclaimed documentaries like "Walking The Bible".


• Members will also be able to receive, as a “Thank You” gift, the 3 part BBC series DVD set, 

as well as a special "Story Of Christmas" from the same producers, not available for sale on retail. markets. 



premium items include a Double CD Audio Book (left) and Book + Special Edition DVD (right)



contact information:

Maya Fiallos

International Media

(954) 923.7215