Mark Matson is a respected financial expert who helps thousands of people to survive and thrive in today's turbulent financial environment. In a world where protecting your investment portfolio from the dangers of a roller-coaster financial market is becoming harder every day, Mark Matson provides viewers with strategies for separating "the wheat from the chaffe".

In this 60-minute pledge special (90-minute pledge event) produced and directed by George Veras (Veras Communications), Mark Matson helps viewers to navigate through the dangerous waters of today's economy to achieve their goals for financial security. 

Create, manage and position your wealth and retirement to minimize tax burden. Get valuable tips for choosing safe places for your money in these times of great change. Position yourself to be in a good place to grow your wealth when new opportunities materialize. 

Pledge premiums for public television members will include the DVD of this program taped before a live audience as well as the companion book, "Mark Matson: Main Street Money". Also, public television members will have the opportunity to attend local seminars hosted by Mark Matson and your public television station in many communities across the United States.





How to Outwit, Outsmart and Out-Invest the Wall Street Bullies

You may not know me – but I know you. 

Or, at least, I know of most of you. Chances are you’re one of the 95 percent of Americans who are destined to retire broke. It’s not really your fault. Goodness knows it’s confusing out there for the average American trying to secure their financial future. Contradictory advice and information, misleading promises, portfolio-gutting investment strategies - and that’s just from my fellow Wall Street investment professionals. Maybe that’s why the finance industry’s leading lights can be counted on to say one thing one year and the opposite the next. Market timing? It will never work. Oh wait, yes it can. Asset allocation? A big winner – until a real bear market comes around. Buy and hold?  The best thing since sliced bread. That is, until the market tanks and the buy and hold model is tossed onto the scrap heap by so-called market experts.

It’s almost like financial professionals want to confuse the investing public. Where is the continuity? Where is the unvarnished truth about investing strategies? Why won’t anyone step up to the podium and admit that nobody can predict the future? After all, people scoff at astrologers and tarot card readers. But some guy in a suit and hang a “stockbroker is in” sign on his door and people can’t wait to see what he has to say during a bull market or during the latest market crash. There is no shortage of talking heads who pretend they have the forecast about the future that will magically allow you to own all of the best stocks and get into and out of the market at the perfect time.

These prognosticators prey on the psychology of Main Street investors. Often causing them to take risks they don’t understand and lose more money than they could possibly imagine. I call these posers Bullies because they take advantage of investors to line their own pockets with your hard-earned money. The money you will need for your retirement and most important life dreams. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I can teach you how to outwit, outsmart, and out invest the biggest Wall Street Bullies and icons. And help you create true peace of mind in your investing experience. And the good news is that it is not that hard. Once you are armed with the basic knowledge you need, you can adopt an investment philosophy and strategy beats the vast majority of all the blow-hards on Wall Street. You will soon see that your problems are their profits – the trick to getting their hands out of your pockets once and for all. Make no mistake, Wall Street does not want you to read this book and they don’t want you to take the actions outlined in this book.

I know educating investors is an uphill battle. Only 10% of Americans actually buy a book in a given year. And many of those do not read it. The book sits useless on the bookshelf drawing dust. So, dear reader, if you can muster the focus and discipline to complete this book and take action you will be amongst the truly elite for Main Street investors who have the guts to invest in themselves and their education. As you will see in these pages, it is the greatest single investment you will ever make. After all, you are worth it.








• Companion DVD 

• Companion Book: "Mark Matson: Main Street Money" 

• Opportunities to attend local seminars all across the US 



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