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Known for its picturesque lakes, the mountains of Greece come alive with the sounds of Pavlo's mediterranean guitar music. International recording artist PAVLO returns to Greece for a spectacular concert featuring old favorites and new classics. Pavlo has thrilled audiences throughout the United States and Canada where he was named TOURING ARTIST OF THE YEAR. He has been nominated for several JUNO AWARDS for unique world guitar music, performed for PRINCE CHARLES, and most recently was the headline artist at the WORLD MUSIC stage at the closing of the PAN AMERICAN GAMES in Toronto.

This one hour public television special features Pavlo's greatest hits including "Cafe Kastoria" and "Santorini Sunset" as well as loved classics "Never On Sunday", Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind", "Zorba" and "Acropolis Adieu." Pavlo is joined on the stage by guest stars G. Pinto and Remigio Pereira from the THE TENORS, who sings and performs on guitar.




Select Markets: DECEMBER 2015

National release: MARCH 2016







PREMIUMS for Public TV Stations include:

Companion CD & DVD



Pavlo's & Remigio Pereira's (THE TENORS)

new album collaboration featuring both guitar players.





"Cafe Kastoria" "Santorini Sunset" PLUS BELoved classics "Never On Sunday" Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" "Zorba" "Acropolis Adieu."









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