Young For Life is an easy, no-diet, no-sweat program

designed for a mature audience to look and feel ten years younger!






Learn how to GROW YOUNGER and GROW STRONGER by eating delicious, no-sacrifice meals that help your body and brain to remain vital for life. The three-step program is based on nutrition, easy exercises and key nutritional supplements to keep your body healthy and strong in a natural way. 

Young For Life features New York Times Best Selling health and diet author Marilyn Diamond and master trainer “Dr. Rock.” At almost 70 years old, Marilyn Diamond shares her own recipe for looking and feeling many years younger. Dr. Rock shares easy, any time, anywhere exercises that energize and tone our bodies to help us live longer, healthier lives.

The easy three step, life-changing program consists of:


• A healthy, no-sacrifice diet that includes meat, fish, eggs, cheese, fruits and vegetables in ways that support our body’s vital needs to regenerate and remain strong.


• Convenient exercises that you can do any time, regardless of your age, 

without going to the gym or buying any special equipment.


• Five key nutritional supplements available anywhere that strengthen your immune system and boost your mood and energy level.


One hundred and seventy million Americans are obese. Thirty million are "skinny fat," not outwardly big but inwardly nutrition deficient. Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Rock transformed their own health through a lifestyle overhaul that people over 40 will find easy and intuitive. At age 69, Marilyn Diamond is fitter, healthier, and more energized than ever before. Author of the best selling Fit For Life book, she has spent her life living and researching the pathways to optimal health. Now, she and her husband, master trainer Dr. Rock, share their journey to the best health they’ve ever experienced, giving viewers essential and exciting information for living their own healthiest lives.


Young For Life is available as a 60 minute core/90 minute pledge event version

and as a 40 minute core/60 minute pledge event version for AUGUST 2013 Pledge Period.


• YOUNG FOR LIFE companion book

• YOUNG FOR LIFE companion DVD


• YOUNG FOR LIFE Rejuvenate Your Mind! Audio CD

Gift Coupons for Anti Aging Skin Care Cream

5-Day Sample Coupon ($15 value) included with lower pledge levels

Full Bottle Coupon ($110 value) included with Bonus Pack level


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