What they are saying

"David Garrett is already the stuff of legend - in him is enshrined an entire corpus of virtuoso violin art, expunded with a fearsome beauty beyond comprehension." 

-BBC Music Magazine


"The Canadian Tenors are following in the footsteps of my other protégés, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli."

- David Foster


"Everybody's 'ohhh-aaahhhing' about Scala's choral version of Radiohead's 'Creep'."

- LA Weekly


"I always like the idea that you can turn on the radio and say 'oh, that's Clay Aiken. Oh, that's Barbara Streisand. Oh, that's Frank Sinatra. Oh, that's Tony Bennett.' They are a star if you can identify them immediately by their sound. Clay Aiken... that kid has his own sound. He's got energy. He's got soul. He's got it all. That voice pours out of him."

- Merv Griffin


"The thing about Scala is, once you get past the initial novelty factor (which can't realistically be denied) their stuff sounds genuinely gorgeous and sometimes downright hunting."

- Limewire


"This kid is amazing!"

- Jay Leno, on Ethan Bortnick


"When we started to make the show, we came across this word we'd never heard: SYNESTHESIA, which is the mixing of the senses. So, seeing sound, feeling color, hearing motion."

- Matt Gordon, Founder, Blue Man Group


"When I review the tape of the show the next day, there's lots of screaming and crying. Then, I recover the same way I do anytime I'm injured: ice, elevation, and my Clay Aiken CD."

- Ellen DeGeneres (US Weekend Magazine)


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